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    Ukraine Riots: “Involuntary ejaculation of fire”

    "This is the natural act of desperate people who are sick of all politicians and who are not ready to accept the state of emergency. This is not a revolutionary act of the people, this is not parliamentary masturbation – simply an involuntary ejaculation due to long lasting abstinence from sensible and purposeful actions."

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  3. Pyotr Pavlensky, Russian Opposition Actionist Artist, nailed his scrotum to the cobblestones of Red Square:http://grani.ru/Politics/Russia/activism/m.221013.html

    Photos [censored] https://www.facebook.com/photo.php…


    Artist, Pyotr Pavlensky nailed his scrotum with a nail to the cobblestones of Red Square. The action carried out on the Day of Police, which is celebrated on November 10.

    The action began at 13:00. Around 14:30 the artist was taken by ambulance to the First City Clinical Hospital. There he received medical treatment. Pavlensky refused to be hospitalized. After the hospital, he was taken to the police station of “China Town”.

    In a statement he released about the artist’s action goal, called “Fixation”, he noted that it can be regarded as a “metaphor of apathy, political indifference and fatalism of the modern Russian society.”

    …Full Statement Release…
    On November 10, the Day of Police and FSB Officials holiday, at 13.00 in Moscow will host the art action called “Fixation”. A naked man sitting on the Red Square and watch nailed to the Kremlin’s pavement, testicles.

    The action can be seen as a metaphor of the apathy, political indifference and fatalism of modern Russian society. There is not a bureaucratic lawlessness to deprive society of opportunities to act and commit to their defeats and losses harder than those as the power authorities beating us to the Kremlin pavement, creating a lethargic army of idols, patiently waiting for their fate

    Now, when power turns the country into one big open area, robbing people and ferrying financial flows on the growth and enrichment of the police and other law enforcement agencies, society condones tyranny and forgets about their numerical advantage, its inaction brings the triumph of a police state.

    Video by Dmitry Zykov [embeded] @Grani.ru website: (18 +) Action of Pyotr Pavlensky on RED SQUARE ..also mirrored here:http://vk.com/wall-40441927_9251

    Pavlensky is well known for other radical single actions in the genre of political art. On 3 may, he laid down in front of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg naked and coiled in barbed wire fencing. The action campaign named “Carcass”:http://grani.ru/Politics/Russia/activism/m.214334.html
    Photos: http://www.mr7.ru/articles/82932/ 

    symbolized the “existence of a person in a repressive legal system, where any movement causes a severe reaction of the law, piercing into the body of an individual. The government wants to turn people into safe and secure gutless cattle, which are allowed only to work, consume and multiply” - said in a press release campaign.

    In July last year, Pavlensky held a rally in defense of the convicted participants of Pussy Riot. He sewed his mouth shut and stood up at the Kazan Cathedral with a poster that read “Message of Pussy Riot was famous action replay of Jesus Christ (Matthew 21:12 -13)”:http://grani.ru/Politics/Russia/activism/m.199214.html

    Update: Hit of the Season
    The court returned charges in the Police case against Pavlensky:http://grani.ru/Politics/Russia/activism/m.221031.html

    In the Tver Court of Moscow artist, Pyotr Pavlensky, was charged in the case filed by the police of “China Town”, Pavlensky was released at the courthouse. Date of hearing has not yet been set.

    Pavlensky was detained on Sunday for art action event “Fixation”. He faces up to 15 days of administrative arrest for disorderly conduct on the articles charged. Pavlensky will be defended by St. Petersburg lawyer Dinar Idrisov.

    The uncensored video filmed by Dmitry Zykov @Grani.Ru was blocked on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and “Classmates” (social networking site).


  4. Partial text translation:

    In Moscow there was a coordinated march in support of the “swamp prisoners” and all political prisoners, Organizers of the rally were the Committee of Protest Action and the Committee on May 6. Attended by five to ten thousand people, according to various estimates, who marched from Pushkinskaya Square on Passion, Petrovsky, Rozhdestvensky Boulevard to the intersection of Turgenev Square with Academician Sakharov Prospect. The rally planned at the end of the march was not performed.

    Participants of the rally carried posters with slogans in support of the defendants in the “Marsh case,” the activists of Greenpeace, the arrested people on the platform of “Prirazlomnaja” and convicted members of the group Pussy Riot. Alexei Navalny and Peter Ofitserova, who received a suspended sentence in the case of “Kirovlesa”, also participated in the action. 

    As reported on Twitter by the activist movement “Solidarity”, Nadezhda Mityushkina, the night before the March unknown persons pasted posters along the route with a slashed portrait of Navalny and the words “Dangerous for the Homeland.” By the beginning of the action the posters were removed.

    Before the March, press services of the Moscow Central Board of Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that the Opposition rally would be monitored by about three thousand law enforcement officers. At the entrance to the event in the Pushkinskaya area checkpoints were carried out at 40 stationary frame metal detectors. Another set of 20 frames detectors were at the large entrance of Putinkovsky side street and also on Strastnoy Boulevard.

    In connection with the procession of the opposition, for a few hours, was limited vehicle traffic in the area of the Boulevad Ring.


  5. Highlights from 16:00

    16.22 “The action is over” - the organizers announce. People disagree with turning on the overlapped Sakharov Avenue toward the subway. A gray-haired woman walks to the entrance without dropping a homemade placard with the face of Putin’s and writing in large letters: “Who are you?”

    16.07 Elena Rodionova, a senior researcher at the Institute for Information Transmission Problems, stands with a badge “Russian Academy of Sciences” on her jacket. “Now the power of our the Keremlin is destroying all the good things we do: higher and secondary education falling, science is destroyed before our eyes. In the 90’s it was hard, but enthusiasts could do what interests them, engage in something good. And now it can not be done: there is a struggle just of enthusiasts. We are only given opportunities to understand all the good things that we’re trying to do, is not necessary and harmful. “

    Highlights from 15:00
    15.55 Anarchist Slogan: “plant trees, not environmentalists!”

    15.54 There are flags of a white-red-white similar to that of the Belarusian Resistance. Belarusian Opposition leader, Oleg, has already shown up the fourth time to the big rallies in Moscow to express solidarity. “Here are 8 people of Belarus, we have arrived to support you,” he explains.

    15.49 At the rally in support of political prisoners is now about 7000 people.

    15.42 In a column with the “left front” is a group of anarchists with slogans: “a teacher teaches, the doctor treats, a politician cripples lives!”

    15.28 one of the organizers, Michael Schneider, from a megaphone lists the names of all political prisoners. “Freedom!” after each name added by the protesters.

    15.22 the Procession marches down Petrovsky Boulevard. “Our choice is freedom! We’ll return power to the people! “. The number of people now is about 5 thousand.

    15.10 the Procession marched, chanting “freedom for political prisoners”. And they become louder: “Cooks and thieves, five minutes to pack!”.

    15.05 Finally assembled the silence is broken. Chanting: “freedom to political prisoners!”, “Russia will be free!” the procession is about to start.

    Highlights from 14:00:
    14.47 through the procession I met the mother of Alexei Gaskarov: “how we are doing? We are waiting for the amnesty-and there we will see. Signatures collected are not interesting, as they actually will make an impact? “. She say while holding a placard that reads: “Crackdown = Degradation” and a portrait of her son.

    14.32 as usual on this route of civil activist demonstrations, the protesters are divided into two streams, on the sides of the Boulevard are the right liberal wing, flowing into another alley-the left. On the Left Alley almost no empty space: there are several activists of the “left front”, “Rainbow Alliance” and other movements. On the right alley-flags “of Solidarity”, “RPR- Parnassus”, “People’s Alliance” and others.

    14.21 The meeting is dedicated to all political prisoners, so there are many holding placards with participants of arrested members of Pussy Riot, as well as Khodorkovsky and Lebedev. The other day was exactly 10 years to the arrest of Khodorkovsky.

    Near the monument to Pushkin is a “Green Alliance” banner “Pirates of the courts in support of Greenpeace,” stands a group of people with a huge white bowl and posters with portraits of Urlashov.

    14.19 Some members of the organizers of the “Committee on May 6” are gathering signatures for an amnesty of political prisoners, and even handed out T-shirts with portraits of “Prisoners of the Swamp.”

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    Thousands protested in major cities in ‪#‎Romania‬ for a 5th week, to stop the gold mine at Rosia Montana. October 6th, 2013, 19:45 ‪#‎unitisalvam‬‪#‎rosiamontana‬
    This one is at Bucharest. 
    Photo by Cristian Vasile 

    Via: Revolution News Europe Nouvelles de la Révolution

  7. cultureofresistance:

    Please join us for a tweetstorm TONIGHT between 9:00-10:00 pm EST (6:00-7:00 PST) to help us raise awareness for the October 12th March Against Monsanto! 

    This tweetstorm is an attempt to create a new, trending hashtag on Twitter to raise awareness to our cause. Follow @MarchAgainstM and watch our facebook page for the announcement of which hashtag we will be using, and also for a list of tweets to copy and paste to your followers. Everyone is more than welcome to make their own tweets as well! 

    It is easier to achieve a worldwide Twitter trend if many people start using a new hashtag suddenly all together. There is no need to use the #MAM#MarchAgainstMonsanto, or #O12 hashtags unless they fit in the tweet along side the new one.

    Please help us spread this message, contact any twitter accounts you would like to (media, activist, celebrity) to get them on board too. See you Saturday night!

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    Photos and a video: chania and Patra: Golden Dawn offices are under attack

    The offices of Golden Dawn in Chania and Patras  are under attack by antifascists who protest since yesterday night for the murder of the antifascist in Keratsini last night . Police clash with the people. You can watch a video from the attack at the office of golden dawn in Patra here more videos and updates from demos across the country here


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    Many ‪#‎peaceful‬‪#‎anti_government‬ demonstrations happened yesterday in ‪#‎Syria‬. The Independent Syrian Statistic Center of Demonstrations counted 94 demonstrations in 76 points, rallied across Syria, on the weekly Friday Nation Wide call action named “Chemical weapons are not the only thing ASSad uses to kill our children”. The ‪#‎Syrian_Revolution‬Demonstration Report File Link At The End Of The Day 9/06/2013: http://goo.gl/v3hrCH

    Map showing Friday demonstrations “Chemical weapons are not the only thing ASSad uses to kill our children” 6-9-13 - http://bit.ly/168UIWB

    *The Center continues to count the demonstrations and add videos of media that are not yet in due to the cut of Internet/phones/electricity services in many places. State of the Internet/Telecommunications in regions of Syria as of the most recent report of 27 July:http://on.fb.me/1f9yqoT

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    Sao Paulo, Brazil - Yesterday, photo taken just seconds before policeman shot photographer Tércio Teixeira in the face. The photographer has survived, but has a wound to his chin.