1. "Millions of people worldwide participated in March Against Monsanto to raise global awareness of genetically modified foods and how they affect our bodies and environment, yet there is no coverage on this site about the effort. Why is that? There’s an evolution of consciousness happening right now before our very eyes and this is not deemed "newsworthy"? Perhaps the old saying, "The revolution will not be televised" has some merit? It won’t be on tv because the people affecting genuine change aren’t watching it - they’re LIVING it in the street, on the internet, and buying organic products. We already know Monsanto has paid off a large portion of the govt [government] agencies, from the top down. Is this some form of corporate censorship that you don’t cover such a large story?"

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    MSNBC provided NO news coverage of March Against Monsanto.

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    March against Monsanto - media coverage
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    Want to feel young, alive, healthy and powerful? Join the growing numbers of people marching against multi-national...
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